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Beautifying Silvis is group's goal

SILVIS -- Making Silvis a more pleasant place to live is the goal of a newly formed community group.

``We hope to beautify the city, getting more people interested in fixing up our downtown,'' said Bernice Ostrom, one of the five members of the Silvis Pride Committe.

Other members of the committee, formed last summer by Mayor Lyle Lohse, are Joe Gomez, Liz McGehee, Daryl Reitz and Ald. Paul King.

Mr. Reitz said since the committee began meeting in August, it has become involved in several projects.

``We worked with the East Moline-Silvis Jaycees on a Christmas lighting contest,'' he said. ``We've kind of decided that this spring we'll be working on beautification programs in the residential neighborhoods.

``We're going to do some more things,'' he said.

Ms. Ostrom said the committee hopes to select buildings that have been renovated and improved for a community honor, and to work on improvements to Silvis' parks.

In recent months, the committee did honor the owners of two downtown businesses -- the law firm of McGehee, Boling, Whitmire, Olson and Pepping Ltd. and the chiropratic offices of Drs. Kevin Freebern, Jerry Ruplinger and H.D. Bobb -- with beautification awards for their renovation projects.

-- By Rebecca Morris (February 9, 1998)

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