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Buffalo Bill was born in Princeton

"Buffalo Bill" Cody
"Buffalo Bill" Cody's Wild West Show forged stereotypes of Indians, cowboys, pony soldiers and the Old West that still live on in the movies.

He got his start as William Frederick Cody outside of Princeton, Iowa, on Feb. 26, 1846. He spent the early years of his life in a house his father built in 1847 at what is now 28050 230th Ave. Princeton.

In 1853 the Cody family moved to Kansas, following the gold rush. Here at age 9, the young boy stabbed a classmate's leg in a fight at school. He ran from the schoolyard and left town on a freight train. It was on this trip that the young boy shot his first Indian.

Three years later Mr. Cody got a job with the railroad. Here he met James B. Hickok, ~~better known as "Wild Bill" Hickok. Mr. Cody later served as a scout and guide in expeditions to the unsettled Old West, and guided Army troops through Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas.

Later while working as a Pony Express rider he was attacked. In the process of defending himself, he killed Jake McCandless and his gang, outlaws who had been causing all kinds of problems in Missouri.

For several years Mr. Cody continued to hunt buffalo and fight Indians. During this time he earned the nickname "Buffalo Bill" when he killed 11 buffaloes with 12 bullets, and later killed 4,280 buffaloes in 18 months. He also became a popular hunting expedition leader among all kinds of prominent people.

His life took a turn in 1872, when at the age of 27 he was elected to the Nebraska House of Representatives, but this didn't last long. Soon after his election Mr. Cody was asked to perform in a Chicago theater. He was a success and soon the show started traveling. Soon ~~"Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show" was traveling all over the United States and Europe

He died in 1917.

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