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Reagan had storied life

Ronald Reagan, 1960
An actor with Illinois small-town roots, Ronald Reagan went on to become the 39th president of the United States.

Mr. Reagan was born in Tampico, on Feb. 6, 1911, to John and Nelle Reagan. The family moved to Dixon, where the future president worked a variety of jobs to earn money for college. Though he would become the leader of a conservative GOP movement, Mr. Reagan became a Democrat after his father was given a New Deal, WPA job.

Mr. Reagan graduated from Eureka College in 1932. He worked briefly as a part-time broadcaster at Davenport's WOC radio, before moving on to a storied career as a sports announcer at Des Moines sister station, WHO. In 1937, he began his acting career in Hollywood, starring in a variety of roles.

He played George Gipp in ``Knute Rockne -- All American,'' his most memorable movie role, which earned him the nickname ``The Gipper'' during his presidency.

Mr. Reagan was commissioned an Army captain during World War II, serving the War Department in Hollywood. After the war, he became president of the Screen Actors Guild, and his politics moved to the right.

He embraced the new technology of television early, earning $150,000 a year as General Electric's spokesperson and TV host.

He entered politics, winning the governorship of California. After an unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 1976, Mr. Reagan beat George Bush for the top spot on his party's ticket in 1980.

Leading the Reagan Revolution, the popular two-term President introduced supply-side economics, appointed the first female Supreme Court justice and introduced tax reforms. His attempts to reduce the federal budget deficit and build a space missle defense system, however, failed.

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