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Local women pleased with getting vote

Expressions of enthusiasm were voiced by Rock Island women who were notified by the Argus of the victory of the suffrage movement in Tennessee.

``The Rock Island women are enthused and I know will work harder than ever in their political life,'' Mrs. Edward Berry, chairman of the Democratic county women's committee, said when notified of the ratification of the amendment by the Tennessee House.

``We have kept in touch with the Argus, inquiring of the progress each day. It is through the efforts of the Democratic administration that the amendment went through. And now the working women, the widow and the independent woman will be heard and will express herself.

``Heretofore we have been mainly interested in state election and political movements, but now we will turn our attention also to national affairs. I know that the Rock Island women will do justice to the trust put in them, and that more interest will be shown in things political.''

Mrs. Berry stated that in all probability the passage of the amendment will be the main topic of discussion at the meeting of the Democratic women's committee tomorrow evening in the Rock Island House parlors. A telegram of appreciation to the Tennessee House and Senate will probably be sent by the women at Thursday's meeting.

But summing up the entire situation, Mrs. Berry says: ``But really, we are too enthused to talk.''

`` All I can say is that I'm mighty glad,'' said Mrs. Ellsworth Livingston, of Moline, prominent in the Republican woman's party activities of the county. ``We have wanted it and have worked for it, and that is the answer for our efforts.

``The Moline Woman's club and individuals of the county have urged the ratification through telegrams to the House and Senate. We are victorious.''

The Argus, Aug. 18, 1920

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