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Eldridge sees growth in many quarters

Technology has brought about so many changes in our area, and some of the biggest have had a profound effect on the growth and economic well being of smaller towns outside the metropolitan Quad-Cities.

With the proliferation of interstate trucking, the expansion of the interstate highway system has played an ever larger role in the emergence of Eldridge as a prime location for manufacturing businesses and companies that support and service those businesses.

Just by virtue of its location north of Davenport and Bettendorf, Eldridge was already in line to benefit from the inevitable expansion emanating from those cities.

But Eldridge has other assets besides location to offer new businesses: easy access to the interstate, proximity to a major population center, relatively low land prices and a detailed plan for managing the growth of the town.

"Eldridge is growing rapidly, but the growth is controlled and well planned," sid Dick Kvach, Eldridge's economic development director.

"We're following a comprehensive plan developed with the input of the economic development advisory committee, the Bi-State Regional Commission and the Quad-City Development Group," Mr. Kvach said.

And, while the positive business climate is vital to the town's, Mayor Larry Rauch said the people who live there are even more important for establishing Eldridge as an eminently livable city.

Eldridge's advantages extend to prospective homeowners, as well.

Mr. Kvach said there are preliminary plats for 400 new residential lots. The controlled land use plan allows for the extension of utilities, a park and other amenities that make any town a more pleasant place to live.

Eldridge has a small-town tradition that includes excellent schools, he said, but it's only 20 minutes from the Quad-Cities, as well as the quality of the North Scott School System.

"Many of the residents have been here for years and years," said Mayor Rauch. "I think those who have lived here all along deserve at least a stable tax rate. Now we're enjoying a lower tax rate -- realizing some of the benefits from what was done 10 years ago.

"We have paved streets, good schools, we're the headquarters of the Scott County Library System. I think we should have a town that's business friendly, and taxpayer and resident friendly, too."

Mayor Rauch thinks calling Eldridge a boom town is somewhat silly, though.

"It just looks like a boom because we started so small," he said. "Last year, there were 39 new houses built. That's great for Eldridge, but Davenport probably builds more in a month."

Whatever you call it, the past few years have proved exceptional in Eldridge.

-- By Catherine Guy

Copyright 1999, Moline Dispatch Publishing Co.