A Quad-Cities Century, the 1999 Progress edition of The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus, examines the people, industries and social movements that shaped our area. Presented in four weekly installments, A Quad-Cities Century also will appear on Quad-Cities Online.

How we started
Events that shaped us
How our lives changed
Where technology brought us
Release Date:
January 31, 1999
The first week's installment, How We Got Started, discusses how the river drew early settlers and powered their industrial ambitions. Stories detail the rise of the farm machinery and lumber industries, and the development of the railroads that took the finished products to market.
Release Date:
February 7, 1999
Week 2, Events that Shaped Us, recaps how significant national and local events affected residents of the Quad-Cities.
Release Date:
February 14, 1999
In week three, How Our Lives Have Changed, stories recount the Civil Rights and women's movements, the decline and rebirth of downtowns, and other social changes that shape life in the late 20th century.
Release Date:
February 21, 1999
In the final installment, Where Technology Brought Us, examines the technological and scientific advances that changed the way we work, live and play.

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