How our lives changed 

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How our lives changed

In week three, How Our Lives Have Changed, stories recount the Civil Rights and women's movements, the decline and rebirth of downtowns, and other social changes that shape life in the late 20th century.

No longer do parents always come in pairs
Civil-rights battlefields were everywhere
We want to be accepted - A Q-C Century - Progress 99
In 1972, racial tensions came to a head
Bergendoff the soul of Augie
Jim Davis 1st black Q-C mayor
Downtowns: yesterday, today and tomorrow
The future: human, not civil, rights
Businesses developing a world view
Neighborhood grocers still exist
Hewitt hewed Deere into a multinational
Q-C ahead of curve on home ownership
LeClaire a veritable mecca for diners
Just 25 years ago, malls changed it all
Customer service? Some people take it personally
Labor sought shorter week, but big business fought it
Love of labor is a labor of love
Immigrants from all over shared common dream
Local women pleased with getting vote
Senior citizens' housing needs growing
Service-industry salaries aren't limited to bottom rung
Marching toward equality
72-year campaign culminated in the vote
Blacks in the 20th century: a timeline
With Title IX, it's a whole new ballgame
For supporters of the ERA, the time was NOW
Women entering politics: It was a brave new world
Job listings for `experienced gals' a thing of the past
Working women? Nothing new

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