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Posted on Just Cruisin 2, 22-Sep '14, 10:26PM

We received an email from a friend about a car show that was the first annual of hopefully many. It is hard to explain the classes as they weren’t mentioned but we’ll try. The 1st Annual Walmart Car Show would have had classes a bit different than a regular show so we’ll illustrate ...

Posted on QC Ghost, 22-Sep '14, 2:00PM

Doctors treating a Spanish priest who was repatriated from West Africa on Monday after being diagnosed with the Ebola virus said there were no samples of experimental drug ZMapp available in the world right now, and they were considering alternative treatments.The priest, Manuel Garcia Viejo, ...

Posted on View Finders - Dispatch/Argus Photo Blog, 22-Sep '14, 10:40AM

It has only taken me a year but I am finally getting around to writing a blog entry about our green screen set-up here at the Dispatch/Argus.When we started our weekly web-cast "The Press Box" we didn't want it to be visually static with just two guys sitting in front of a newspaper logo. We use the green ...

Posted on Jame's 1948 , 22-Sep '14, 6:57AM

  The pastor had, perhaps, plunged a thousand in the creek  Elder Devin,  the Pastor of the Grassy Creek Baptist Church of Granville County, N.C. baptized fifty "˜happy' converts on Sept. 22, 1850  in that noble stream, by the same name, that … Continue reading →

Posted on The Scoundrel, 20-Sep '14, 2:52PM

Some cartoonists capture the existence of life under Obama. Evil in the World –> Comically Incorrect Cartons by A.F. Branco

Posted on QC Examiner, 20-Sep '14, 1:31PM

…because we got our sh*t together early. “95% of children in the 1950s were potty trained by 18 months, only 10% are today”.

Posted on Greasy Joints, 29-Aug '14, 4:25PM

 Looking for yet another solid burger joint, The River House in Moline (1510 River Dr) beckoned to us from across the Mississippi River.  We obliged, and found ourselves there for lunch one fine summer day.There is a nice outdoor patio area, but ragweed is raging and my body revolting, so ...

Posted on The Complacency Chronicles, 28-Aug '14, 12:15PM

When I got off work last Monday, I had no idea it would be one of the greatest nights of my life. Not until I got the text.

Once upon a Shane many moons ago, my first serious girlfriend made me a mixtape. It included a quick three-minute jam called "A New England" by the British singer/songwriter Billy

Posted on Taking a Crack At It, 22-Jun '14, 11:51AM

Recently the Rock Island School District #41 received news that it will receive federal funds to improve the test scores of the students throughout the system, which has a below average national rating. School teachers are now teaching to the test. This means students can memorize the answers ...

Posted on Quad City Images, 20-Jun '14, 8:28AM

 The Bettendorf Library is hosting a celebration of Charlie Chaplin's silent films this afternoon and evening. They've made this clever video as well. This is one of those great examples of the small world that is the Quad Cities, as this video involves people from my childhood and adult life ...

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