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Quad-Cities OnlineŽ Chat Help

This page provides basic help with using the ChatSpace Java Client. These chat rooms are also available via IRC applications. For information on configuring IRC programs please skip down to the IRC Section. For questions that are not answered on this site, feel free to E-mail webmaster@qconline.com.

Chat Section

Displays the chat dialog currently in progress. The center area shows the messages you have sent and received. The current topic for this room, if any, is shown in the title bar.Hyperlinks in the text can be clicked as in the web browser.


Web Addresses " Check out www.microsoft.com for all the details". Clicking that line in the Chat Area would bring up a new browser window loaded with http://www.microsoft.com.
Email Addresses " Please send that file to bob@acme.com" Clicking that line in the Chat Area would bring up your Web Browser's "create new mail message" interface (with the "to:" field loaded with bob@acme.com). This works in the same manner as "mailto:" urls on normal Web pages, and can be used to send files to another user.

You will still be able to chat... your Web Browser should keep you in the chat room.

Web Chat Input Area

At the bottom of the Chat Section is the input line. You can send a message by typing it on this line, then pressing the enter key. You can also add color to your output. You can also underline words: to begin underlining, press (and hold) the control key on your keyboard, press the "u" key, then release both keys. Then type the words you wish to appear as underlined. To end the underining,repeat the key sequence: press (and hold) the control key on your keyboard, press the "u" key.

To the right of the input area is a control that allows you to modify how the command is sent. The options are:

To Room - Sends the message to the room. This is the normal case.
Send as Action - Sends the text as an "action"... if you type in the message "xxxx", instead of appearing that you said "xxxx", it will appear that you did "xxxx".
To Member - Sends this message privately to the user that is currently selected in the list.
Send Sound - Sends a sound into the room. A dialog pops up to allow you to choose the sound you wisht to send, and provides a place for you to type an "action" you will appear to take when the sound is played.

Owning Your Own Nickname

A nickname can be registered, thereby providing "ownership" so that no one else may use the name. Registering your nickname also provides you with a "profile," which can be used to describe yourself, provide a way for others to view your "home page," and obtain an email address to reach you when you are not online.

To register your nickname, double-click your nickname in the room's members list. Full Client users may also click on the Cmds button, select Chat Options, then "Your Profile" button. If the nickname you are using is not already owned by someone else, the following message will be displayed. "This nickname is not registered. Would you like to choose a password and register it?" Enter a password and click on the Register button.

Important: A password, unlike a nickname is CaSe SeNsItIve. Therefore, the password "mypass" is not the same as "MyPass."

If desired, additional options can be "set" for your nickname.

Name Enter your real name.
Quote, Info or About Enter any information.
Password Enter password. To change a password, enter a new password here.
Home Page/URL Enter the URL of your web page.
Email address Enter email address if you want other users to contact you when you are not on the server.

When other people view your profile, they will see the information entered with the exception of your password. Only you and Administrators can see your password.

From now on, whenever you connect to this server and attempt to use the registered nickname, a prompt for the password will be displayed.

If you forget your password, use a temporary nickname (like temp911) and contact an Administrator. The Administrator can look up the password if proof can be supplied that this really is your nickname.

Room Member List

The list on the right-hand side of the Chat Area displays the people currently in this chat room. Your nickname is displayed as bold.

Special Member List Indicators

@ (colored blue) indicates that the member is a Room Moderator that can issue commands to control the room.
+ (colored green) indicates a member with "strict-moderation voice", only users with voice can speak in a strictly-moderated room.

If you select a name in the list, you can display commands that can be issued that will affect that member. To view the commands, click the Cmds button in the lower right corner of the chat area, or you can right-click the member's name. The options include:

Member's Profile - View this user's profile. You can use this area to email him or view his web page.
Person-to-Person Chat - You can use this option to chat with this person privately
Ignore member - Stops showing you what this person is saying both privately and in the room
Ignore member's domain - Extends the above described ignore processing to include anyone from the same Internet Domain (ISP or company) as this person. Use this if the person keeps changing his nickname to avoid your ignore.
Stop Ignoring member - Removes an ignore you have previously done for this member


Displays all the rooms that are currently available. The current topic for the room (if any), and the number of users in the room, are also shown. To join one of these rooms (and leave the one you are in), just click on the room name.

You can also use this area to create your own room. Just use the input area provided at the top of the room list to give the room a name, then press the enter key.

Members List the members on the server (members in the current room are shown to the right of the room). To view a profile for a member click on the nickname. You can also use the following shortcuts, if shown: Request a personal chat session Show the member's home page Send email to the member To lookup a nickname enter it in the input field above the list and press Enter.


The Options button allows you to control the way your ChatSpace Java Client is functioning.


Allows you to change your nickname on the fly or mark it as brb (be right back) or away.


Allows you to quit your chat session.

You can also set these options directly.

On new member - Play a sound when a user joins the room.
On new message - Play a sound whenever a message is sent to you or your room.
Do Not Disturb - Prevents other users from attempting to person-to-person chat with you

Click More options... for these options:

Nickname - Nickname other users know you as.
Room - Name of the room you want to enter.
Play Sounds - Hear sound requests that other users make.
Sound on Join - Play a sound when a user joins the room.
Sound on Notice -Play a sound when a notice message arrives.
Sound on Msg - Play a sound whenever a message is sent to you or your room.
Show Joins - Receive notification when a user joins or leaves the room.
Do Not Disturb - Prevents other users from attempting to person-to-person chat with you
Quit - Signs you off from chat
Float - Floats the chat client off the page so that you can use your web browser to view other sites
Help - Displays this help page
Your Profile - Allows you to edit your profile values, including your name, email address and home page
View a Profile - Allows you to view another user's profile
Messages - Allows you to view system messages being sent to you. This is primarily only interesting to operators and administrators
Controls - Allows users to view room settings, Moderators to change room settings, and Operators/Administrators to manage the server
About - Provides information about the creators of ChatSpace

Loading Times and Problems

Sizes and load times (assumes no overhead, perfect 28.8kbps connection) for ChatSpace Java Clients:
Internet Explorer Light Client size=55kb time=16 sec
Internet Explorer Full Client size=99kb time=27 sec
Netscape 3.x Light Client size=129kb time=36 sec
Netscape 3.x Full Client size=217kb time=60 sec
Netscape 4.x Light Client size=67kb time=19 sec
Netscape 4.x Full Client size=118kb time=33 sec

You can probably inflate those times by 10% to account for modem/protocol overhead, and add 5-10 seconds after load for Java Client Initialization

IRC Applications

The Quad-Cities OnlineŽ chat areas are also available via many IRC applications. Some applications that are compatible are as follows:

MIRC - One of the oldest and still most popular IRC clients.

ViRC - A very feature rich windows client with support for audio, video and whiteboarding.

Microsoft Chat and V-Chat - Nice 2D and 3D chat clients.  These ActiveX controls work nicely for an all Internet Explorer audience and are highly scriptable.  They also have a Java client.

PIRCH - Another windows IRC client.

You will want to configure these programs to log into our chat server.

IRC Server:
Port: 6667


Most basic IRC commands work within this chat server, although some are different. Below is a list of commands that work with both the web based chat rooms as well as IRC programs.

The following is a alphabetical list of executable commands:

/adminLists Administrators currently signed on
/akill(Administrators only)
Sets a global server ban on a member
/akill member's_mask optional reason
/awaywith a reason after it, marks you as being "away" and whenever anyone messages you, they'll automatically receive your away message from the server; without a reason after it, it sets you "back" from being away
/away (reason if setting self away)
/clearakills(Administrators only)
Removes all the global server bans from your server only
/connect(Operators and Admins)
Connects another server to your server
/connect name.of.server.to.connect
/creditsLists the credits for ChatSpace Software
/die(Operators and Admins)
Kills a server (be careful - you can't issue a command to restart it)
"/die" by itself will kill your server; "/die" followed by the name of a currently linked server will kill the linked server
/die (or /die other.server.name)
/globops(Operators and Admins)
Sends a message to the other Operators and Admins
/globops what's going on tonight?
/helpLists commands
/infoLists information about a server; "/info" by itself will provide information about the server you are currently connected to; "/info another.server.name" will provide information about the other server
/invite(Room Moderators)
Invites a member to your invite-only room
/invite member's-nickname
/joinJoin a new room
/join #Advice
/kick(Room Moderators and Administrators)
Kicks a member from your room
/kick member's-nickname optional reason
/kill(Operators and Administrators)
Kills a member off the server
/kill member's-nickname
/kline(Operators and Administrators)
Sets a server ban on a member
/kline member's-mask optional reason
/linksLists all servers currently connected to the server you are on
/listLists all the rooms on the server
/lusersReports the number of members, operators and rooms currently on the server
/meSends an action message to another member or room
/me waves
/msgSend someone a private message
/msg Nnickee hello
/mode(Room Moderators and Administrators)
To ban someone: /mode #room-name +b member's-mask (-b to remove ban)
To voice someone: /mode #room-name +v member's-nick (-v to take away voice)
To Moderate someone: /mode #room-name +o member's-nick (-o to take away)
To set room "secret" (won't show up in the list): /mode #room-name +s
To set a password on the room: /mode #room-name +k the-password
/motdDisplays the server's Message of the Day
/namesShows names of members on the server. "/names" by itself shows the nicks of every person on the server; "/names #room-name" shows the nicks of the people in that particular room
/names (or /names #ChatZone)
/nickChanges your nickname
/nick new-nickname
/noticeSend someone a "quick" private message (does not open up a Person to Person chat box on their side)/notice Nnickee boo
/onotice(Room Moderators only)
Sends a message to the other Room Moderators
/onotice hi guys
/oper(Operators and Administrators only)
Obtain Operator or Administrator Status
/oper YourOperId YourOperPassword
/partLeave the room you are currently in
/passAllows you to present your password to use your registered nickname
/pass your-password (don't forget - your password is CaSe-SeNsItIvE)
/quitExit the server
/quit optional quit message
/rakill(Administrators only)
removes a global server ban off of your server and off of all currently linked servers
/rakill mask
/restart(Administrators/Operators only)
Restarts the server
/servicesSubmits a registered room or nickname command
A detailed list of these commands are in the section below
/services service-command
/setoper(Administrators only)
temporarily makes another member an Operator or Administrator; status stays until the member quits the server or you manually take it away from them
to set as Operator: /setoper member's-nickname +o (or -o to take away)
to set as Administrator: /setoper member's-nickname +a (or -a to take away)
/shun(Administrators only)
Instructs the server to ignore everything said by a certain member -- noone on the entire server will hear anything said by this member
/shun member's-mask (to remove, "/shun -mask"; to view all of your current shuns, "/shun")
/silenceIgnore everything a member says to you privately or in the room (if you're using an IRC client other than the Java Client, check your client's help files for the word "ignore")
/silence member's-mask
/squit(Operators and Administrators)
Disconnects a currently linked server
/squit other.server's.name
/statsList prohibited nicknames: /stats q
Lists server bans and global server bans on this server: /stats k
Lists Operator Definition entries: /stats o
Lists the length of time the server has been running: /stats u
Lists client definition entries: /stats i
Lists available commands: /stats m
Lists client and connection classes, and their ping times: /stats y
Lists leaves and hub servers: /stats h
Lists servers that are defined, but are not currently connected: /stats x
Lists Connection statistics: /stats w
/timeDisplays the server's date and time
/topic(Room Moderators)
Sets or changes the room's topic
/topic new topic here
/tour(Room Moderators and Administrators)
Send member on a Web Tour (shown in window named CSPCURL): /tour nickname http://www.chatspace.com
Send member on a Web Tour in a frame on the web page: /tour nickname http://www.chatspace.com frameNameHere
Send member to another room: /tour nickname #name-of-other-room
/traceDisplays a list of all the Operators on the server; Operators who issue a trace get a list of all Operators and members on their server
/unkline(Operators and Administrators)
Removes a (local) server ban
/unkline mask
/versionDisplays version information about the ChatSpace server
/whoDisplays information about members. To find out who is in a room: /who #room-name
to find all members from a particular domain: /who *netcom.com*
to return all members on the server: /who
/whoisDisplays information about a particular member
/whois their-nick
Displays a logon history for a member
/whowas their-nick

If you are not using the Java Client, we strongly urge you to read the help files that come with your IRC client.

Services Command

Services allows you to manage channels and nicknames A list of commands for the services section are listed below.

To register a nickname, type /SERVICES REGISTER Nickname Password, where Nickname is the name you would like to register and password is code to prevent others from using this nickname on the Quad-Cities OnlineŽ chat server.
/Services INFO - List of channels managed by a server.
/Services LIST - Detailed information regarding one registered channel or nickname
/Services EXPLAIN - Explains why a channel is not being managed
/Services UNUSED - Lists channels that are half way to expiring
/Services REGISTER - Creates a registered channel or nickname
/Services DROP - Deletes a channel registration entry or nickname
/Services RESET - Resets a channel's modes, topic and ban list
/Services SET - Sets values on registered channels and nicknames
/Services USERMASK - Adds/deletes a userid@hostname mask for a registered nickname
/Services PEEK - Peeks at a password for a registered nickname
/Services KICK - Uses Services to kick a user
/Services GHOST - Kills a ghost that's using your nickname
/Services AOP - Adds/deletes an entry to auto op a user
/Services SOP - Adds/deletes an entry to auto op a user (+ SOP auth)
/Services IDENTIFY - Identifies you as an AOP or SOP of a channel, or owner of a reg nick
/Services HELP - Help for services. Also Help on a specific command.

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