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Frequently asked questions about E-mail

Q: What is E-mail and how do I use it?

A: E-mail is electronic mail that is sent from your computer out through the internet and to another person. We do not have detailed instructions available on how to use E-mail, but we have some tips, tricks and definitions available for you to look through. We also offer free classes each month to help you learn about E-mail and ask questions to our staff.

Q: What is the size limit of email attachments that I can send/receive?

A: There is a two megabyte limit to any files attached to an email message sent and received through our service.

Q: When I try to check mail, I keep getting the same messages or it hangs there waiting but nothing comes through. How do I fix this?

A: Chances are, if this is happening, someone has sent you a large file attachment. Proper "netiquette" states that before sending an attachment, warn the recipient that the file is coming to make sure they want it before sending. Large file attachments can cause many problems including the ones stated in this question. One option is to attempt to check your mail and leave the application open until it finishes downloading. If this does not work or you do not have time for downloading, visit http://webmail.qconline.com and delete the messages that have attachments.

Q: How long will the server keep my incoming messages if I do not download them?

A: Incoming messages will remain stored on our servers for two weeks before being automatically deleted. If you download your messages when you check your email (which most email programs do unless specifically told otherwise) then you can keep your messages for as long as you wish as they are being stored on your computer.

Q: The server keeps rejecting my password, how can this be corrected?

A: A few items to check which could cause this problem are...
  • Are you entering all of your information in lower case (or upper case if you chose an upper case password)? E-mail is case sensitive and will not come through if you capitalize the wrong letters.
  • Is the account dialed up and able to surf the internet? If not, it is not a mail problem but a dial in problem.
  • Do you have the proper mail server in your mail program? Wrong mail servers will cause a login error.
  • Is the account paid up? If you have an unpaid account you will not be able to access your mail or dial in.
  • Were you online checking mail and then disconnected in the middle of the process? Cutting off the connection while downloading will cause the mail server to keep processing the task until it is complete. This will cause password errors for about 15 minutes before the server clears up.

Q: How many E-mail addresses can I send a letter to at one time?

A: There is a limit of 15 addresses that you can place on a message at one time. If you need to send the same message to more than 15 users, you will have to send the message more than once, placing the extra recipients on the second copy of the message. The limit of 15 recipients per message was set in place to prevent Spammers from bouncing mail off of our server and to prevent our server from becoming clogged.

Q:When sending email I keep getting error messages that state "Cannot route for others." What is wrong?

A: This error occurs when one of three things happen

1. You do not have the correct mail server settings in your E-mail client. This could be a simple typographical error or it could be that you may still be using our old mail server. Make sure your mail server settings say mail.qconline.com and not qconline.com.

2. You are dialed in to QCO but are trying to check mail for another provider. If you need to check mail for another provider, you should either dial in to their system before trying to send and receive E-mail or you need to change your Outgoing Mail Server for this mail account to say mail.qconline.com. The Outgoing Mail server must match the server name of who you are dialed in to, regardless of the mail address you are trying to check messages for.

3. You are connected to the Internet using someone other than QCO but are checking a QCO mailbox. You must be dialed in to your Quad-Cities OnlineŽ account to send mail using our settings. If you always connect to the Internet using another provider, such as being at work or using @Home service, then you need to change your Ougoing Mail Server to say the name of the server of the company who provides your connection. The Outgoing Mail server must match the server name of who you are dialed in to, regardless of the mail address you are trying to check messages for. If you do not know their mail server, you should contact the company who is providing your Internet Access. Otherise, you can go to our WebMail Site and check your mail there.

Q: Why do I sometimes get a message saying "554 Filter Error"?

A: Quad-Cities OnlineŽ has implemented a basic filter on our server to help prevent the spreading of viruses with common subjects and common senders. If you are trying to send to someone else or they are trying to send to you and the message comes back with this error, there may be a few different things causing it.

1. The person sending the message has a virus on their machine, and our filters are seeing this and blocking their messages. This could be either a Quad-Cities OnlineŽ customer sending out mail or someone sending to a Quad-Cities OnlineŽ customer. The filter blocks the virus messages from going through our server at all. The person getting this error should scan their machine with an updated anti-virus software in case this is the problem. This is esecially true if they are getting this error and do not recall trying to send messages at all.

2. The person sending the message is either sending it To or From a domain that os blocked by our filter. Blocks are put in place by a provider when a certain E-mail address not on their own system sends Spam, Junkmail, or harrassing letters to one of its customers. The provider then contacts the Internet Service of the E-mail abuser and asks for something to be done. If the Internet Service does not ablige, then the provider being spammed places either the E-mail abuser or the abusers domain on Block. That then prevents anyone sending from that address/domain from sending to or receiving from one of its customers. If you feel this may be your problem, you can E-mail to info@qconline.com with the E-mail address of the person you feel is blocked and we can verify if that is in fact the problem.

3. The person sending the message has chosen a topic that is the same is that of a common Virus or Spam message. Try the message with a different Subject line or no subject line at all.

Q: I was using Worldgroup Manager to access my email before, or I was using a mail program with the server name of 'qconline.com'. I made the change over to the new 'mail.qconline.com' mail server but the messages that I had on the server before are not there now. What happened?

A: Since the two server names are different any messages stored on qconline.com are not copied over when switching to mail.qconline.com. Before making the switch it is suggested that you get any messages you need off the old server so that they will not be lost. See the article on switching to the new mail server for more details.

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