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Moving from Worldgroup Manager

If you use our Worldgroup software, we want you to know that this program may not be Y2K compliant. The company that produced the software has been sold, and we cannot be assured that Worldgroup will work after the end of the year.

Most of our members are not using Worldgroup, but we want to maintain a high level of service for everyone. Therefore, we had set a cutoff date of Aug. 30, 1999 for our Worldgroup server. As of September, Worldgroup no longer works for Internet service or email.

There are, however, other alternatives for connecting to our service which have the added benefit of offering faster and more stable internet connections. If you are running Windows 95/98 you can make use of the Dial-Up Networking software which comes built in to your machine. For Windows 3.x there is the Internet Explorer with Dialer package that provides similar functionality.

Instructions on how to set your computer up for these connection methods can be found in the Getting Connected section of our web site. The easiest route for most would be to get one of our setup packets. The CD-ROM in the packet automates the setup process for you and also contains some additional software packages for your convenience. We can mail this packet to you or you can pick it up at the office -- see the Contact Us section for more information.

You also will find information in the Technical Support section on email programs you may wish to use in place of Worldgroup's mail. Many people will have Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express on their computers, or a version of Netscape that has an email program. Other email software may be downloaded from our website.

For our users who have made the switch and wish to remove Worldgroup from their systems, we have an uninstallation program available which will automate that process. Click here to download it, save it to your computer's disk, and then double click it to run.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Moving from Worldgroup

What follows are some common difficulties which you may encounter when making the switch from Worldgroup Manager. You might want to print this page for later reference.

Q: Where can I get help to learn more about switching from Worldgroup?

A:We offer In-home or On-site installations for those who have problems with switching over. If you would like to be contacted about making an appointment, E-mail support@qconline.com. Leave your name and telephone number and our installation technician will call you to set up an appointment.

Q: I use Worldgroup to play games such as Crosswordz, what will happen to my turns and will this still be available once Worldgroup is gone?

A: Once Worldgroup is removed, all games will be deleted. This means any turns you have in any games will be gone. However, we have placed a Web Based Game's section on our system.

Q: After following the Dial Up connection instructions from the website, it says I am connected, but nothing happens. What's wrong?

A: Once you are connected, you are ready to go and just need to tell your computer what you want to do.

You may see an icon (picture) on your screen that says something like Internet Explorer, Netscape, or The Internet. Double click that icon and your web browser will start using the connection you have made. If you do not see anything like that, click on Start, Programs, and look for Netscape or Internet Explorer. If you used the Internet when you had Worldgroup, these programs will be on your hard drive.

You may notice that the first web site you see is not the Quad-Cities OnlineŽ website. You can change this by typing in www.qconline.com in the Address or Location field, and hitting enter. This will bring you to your normal start page. To configure your program to always give you this page first, see the article on setting your browser's start page.

Q: What will happen to my old address book and E-mail messages I had stored on Worldgroup?

A: Unfortunately worldgroup does not allow for exporting files into new applications. The only way to save these messages are to save them as text file or print them. Address books will need to be copied down manually and re-entered into the new mail program.

Q: How do I do e-mail without Worldgroup? What will be my new address?

A: Your e-mail address will not change. The only change will be in the sending and receiving of your mail. You will need to do the following:

  1. Choose an e-mail program. Though you can use any one of many e-mail programs, most users choose the program that is associated with their web browser. If you open your web browser, you can take a look at the program associated with it. You don't even need to be online to do this.

    • Netscape 2 and 3: Click on Window and choose Netscape Mail
    • Netscape 4: Click on Communicator and choose Netscape Messenger (if you do not have a Communicator menu then your version of Netscape 4 does not contain an email program)
    • Internet Explorer 2, 3 or 4: Click on Go and choose Mail or Read Mail
    • Internet Explorer 5: Click on Tools and Read Mail

  2. Once you know which e-mail program you will be using, go to the email setup page for instructions on how to set it up.

  3. Once you have everything set up and are ready to make the move away from Worldgroup mail, call Customer Service at 757-5037 so we can route your mail to the new, faster, mail server.

  4. Gain familiarity with your new program. Use built in help. Take a look at e-mail support notes at our web site. Contact Customer Service if you get stuck.

Q: Once I'm connected, how do I get off?

A: Look down at the Task Bar in the lower right hand corner of your screen. You should see a little picture of two computers linked together. Double click on the picture and choose Disconnect.

Q: How do I view my account information without the Worldgroup software?

A: Our Customer Information. page is available to view certain peices of information about your account. For other account information you can either call Customer Service at 757-5037 or E-mail support@qconline.com and request help.

Q: How will I know when my payment is due?

A:You will receive an e-mail message within a few days of being due. You will also receive a statement showing how much is due. You can also call Customer Service at 757-5037 or E-mail support@qconline.com and we will gladly supply you with the date a payment will be due on. All future payments will be due on the same date of the month that this one is due on.

Q: Once I have switched from Worldgroup, how do I remove it from my machine?

A: Before removing Worldgroup, keep in mind that in doing this, you will lose access to any files you have saved inside of the software. You can keep it on your machine until you are familiar with the new software and have saved any files that you need from inside Worldgroup. Keeping it on your machine until you feel comfortable with the new software is highly recommended.

Worldgroup can be removed in a couple of different ways. One is to open your Windows Explorer or File Manager and look for the Folder marked WGMAN. This can then be deleted by highlighting it and hitting the Delete key on your keyboard. The second way to remove it is to contact support@qconline.com and request that an Un-Install program be sent to you. This can either be E-mailed to you or sent on a diskette to your home.

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