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From high atop the LeClaire Hotel in Moline, IL, this live view of the Mississippi River is sponsored by:

People Connection

Use the RiverCam as your personal window to current Quad-Cities weather, I-74 Bridge traffic, riverboats, pleasure boats and barges on the Mississippi. Or just grab a quick glimpse of home when you're out of town.

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Recent remarks

"Great Webcam!! My girlfriend Debbie lives in East Moline and works in Davenport, so she crosses the bridge twice a day. I watch your rivercam almost daily, which makes me feel closer to her!! Though i live about 4000 miles away from her. Great Cam!! Thanks!!"
Gerard - Holland
"It sure is good to see some pictures from home, even though I'm a few thousand miles away in a different country. Thank-you."
P.R. - Camp McGovern, Bosinia.
"I grew up in Moline and I just found this I think its great to be able to look at the old home town. Thanks"
"Thanks for the view. My husband and I met when I was visiting my Grandparents in Moline. The river has a special place in our hearts and now we can see it whenever we want!"
"I really love the Webcams! I was raised in the Quad Cities and now live in Charlotte NC. You never realize just how much something meant to you, until you're gone. Thanks a bunch."
"I was born and raised in the QC and due to service to my country I am seeing the world abroad, but let me tell you, Dorothy had it right "There is no place like home". Thanks for the view!"
J.H., USN - Okinawa, Japan
"Hi, I was working in the QC for about a year and I loved this time. It's great to use the internet to fly in and simply check the weather ..."
Matthias - Germany
"I am a college student at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and I really like seeing the view of the quad cities that are shown daily. It reminds me of home whenever I miss being back in the good ol' QC area!"
"Thank you for the great service!! I moved to Minnesota 26 years ago and I love it, but it is time to move back home. Your cameras shining of a couple of spots along the river make me feel closer, make me miss it even more. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful it is there. You really CAN come home again!! Thanks for all the services you provide. It keeps me in touch and will be a great help and source of information as I prepare to make the move. See you this summer!!"
L.C. - St. Paul ,Mn
"I moved to Alaska many years. I was raised in East Moline. It is very nice to see the river. It makes me home sick, but it is very nice. Thank you for the glimpse of home."
"I love it, was born and raised in QC, now live In Santa Barbara, Ca. that old saying your can take the boy out of the country but not the country out of the boy, how true! keep up the good work. thanks "
"What a great idea, it is nice to sit in CA and look at the weather in Il where you grew up. Thanks."
Dee C. - Fountain Valley, CA
"Love the views of the Mississippi each day. Formerly from Moline and now live in Michigan. I check out the site each day. Would enjoy a view of Ben Butterworth Parkway showing the Mississippi and a shot down near the old Farmall plant with a cam shot of the Mississippi up and down showing the bend and the bridge. Been Butterworth parkway is beautiful and I enjoyed it alot this summer. The Quad cities is beautiful and love all your cam shots. Enjoy good pictures from the Dispatch also for viewing. Just make them bigger."
L.C. - Michigan
"Thank you so much for allowing me to see home from so far away. I used to live in Bettendorf when I joined the Air Force SF. I am currently stationed at Royal Air Force Lakenheath in England. I have deployed to numerous locations such as Bosnia and Africa where it is so moral boosting to see home through your web cam. Once again I thank you beacuse I can tell you from experiece that there is NO place like home."
Travis - Lakenheath, UK
" Thanks for the webcams. I grew up in and around the Quad Cities for 25 years. I am now in Carbondale and it is nice to see 'home' again. Thanks for the view of the river and warm feeling of home it provides."
"Dear Q-C Online, It's great that I happened to stumble onto your site. It is really great to see the old Quad Cities live. I am a former Quad-Citian who lives in the Dallas, Texas area. I give tours through the site of President Kennedy's assassination and have written a very popular tour book on the Kennedy assassination, which was introduced exclusively at THE CONSPIRACY MUSEUM in mid December."
"I canŽt believe it! IŽll be coming (home) again with my wife - and with my cousin and her husband (first time) to the U.S. IŽve been looking for some nice pictures of the West on the Internet and IŽve been searching through Meta Crawler for "pictures cities USA". Guess what I got? ...Quad cities USA !! (as forth link!). Actually weŽre flying to the West, but - as always - on our way back home to Germany weŽll stop for a week in East Moline to visit the closest friends - my "family" in the Quad Cities. ItŽs always great to come back to the Quad Cities, but now even better as IŽve seen it before on the net. I spent part of the most wonderful time in my life in the Quad Cities with very special people, and guess how many foreigners did so?!
I canŽt wait to watch the sunset, go for a ride on the river, gamble on the President, see the DEEREŽs and meet the family. Hi, Joan, Jerry, Susan, Paul, Mary, Dick and the whole family - see you 4th of July!"
Thomas & Karin - Friedrichsdorf, Germany
"Thanks for moving the camera back to the riverboat. We moved to AZ six years ago. I look every day at the news and the two camera views. Thank you for having this site it keeps a warm spot in my heart for the good old QC until we get home to visit. "
"Would enjoy seeing a view of the Memorial Bridge at sunset or dusk with the Mississippi looking up to the bridge from the old International Harvester. Enjoy this site so very much. Keeps me connected to my roots."
Linda - Ypsilanti, Mi.
"I just wanted to say I appreciate the webcam of the river. I moved to Southern England about a month ago from the Quad Cities and I have to say I don't feel quite as homesick. I can can still enjoy the river anytime I want. Many thanks and keep up the good work!"
HC -- Truro, Cornwall, England
"Hi, I have found a boyfriend on internet and I have this page as my start page. I love to see the bridge that he travels on every day as well as I love to see the weather and read the news from QC. This summer I will be able to travel on that bridge, my life adventure, Thank You."
Eva - Sweden
"I am really glad that you have a camera viewing the Quad Cities. I grew up in the Quad Cities and am now going to school in San Diego. Even though it is beautiful and the weather is great year round there is really no place like home. Thank You"
"What a great idea. I grew up in the QC and miss my family so much. It makes me feel like I am home again. Thanks for the memories."
Angie - Denver Colorado
" Hello, I was born and raised in the quad cities, I recently moved to London UK and find it very refreshing that I can go to your webpage to read details from my Home town. I love the webcam's and all the new design is awesome."
"As a transplant from Iowa to Illinois. I enjoy the cams giving me a view of the old Mississippi. Living only 2 hours straight east on I-80. I use the Cam to check out the approaching bad weather. If you got bad weather I usually can predict how long before it gets to us. I love your cams & miss my Iowa. Thanks"
K.V. - Morris IL

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